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Hi! My name is Makayla. I’m an experienced Connecticut Dog Trainer specializing in Canine Behavior: Aggression, Fear Reactivity, Anxiety & Obedience. 

My passion and love for Dog training began at the age of 16. Starting with Police K9 & Search and Rescue K9 Training. Where I worked hands on with Police K9’s, Narcotics, Tracking, HRD, SAR K9’s & More.

After spending a few years studying and working with these high-drive working dogs, I was inspired to become a handler of my own dog. At age 18 my Black Labrador Retriever, Motley, came into my life. He was imprinted & trained by me for Human Remains Detection starting at 12 weeks old. 

Upon Graduating High-School, I quickly began working full time as an Aggression & Obedience Dog Trainer at a local Boarding & Daycare Facility. I would work with dogs of all breeds and sizes, broadening my knowledge in the dog training world and helping countless dog owners better understand their pups each day.

A few years later, I connected with a New-England Dog Rescue and began taking dogs into my home that needed extensive behavioral work, such as aggression, separation anxiety, resource guarding, or any behavior that prevented them from finding a home. I would work with them daily, and helped these pups find their forever families. 

Now, This is where my passion and love for dog training grew immensely. While fostering and working with pups that were surrendered from their homes, I realized that educating dog owners on canine behavior and providing them and their pups behavioral guidance could prevent so many pups from being separated from their families. 

I am a dog trainer because I am incredibly passionate about keeping dogs in their homes. I'm passionate about changing the lives of owners who feel as though they’re at a loss, and may not be able to handle their beloved dog. I’m passionate about helping owners understand what their dogs are communicating to them and what they intend to communicate to their dogs. I’m passionate about keeping fur families together and providing support for all dog owners in need.

This separates me from many other trainers, and since you're here, I hope to help you!

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