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"MaKayla Watts is an energetic, knowledgeable and innovative dog trainer. She comes armed with a bag of tricks, an open mind and eager to understand all the dynamics of both owner and dog. Step by step she works to explain present behaviors and offers solutions with demonstrated examples of how to accomplish the desired outcome. MaKayla really does a phenomenal job of meeting your dog right where he/she is behaviorally. She first works with the dog to ensure clear understanding on their part followed promptly by huge praise and then rewards them. Once established, she turns the training over to the owner to practice techniques in session and provides detailed guidance for at home, reinforced training. Without a doubt we will continue to use her and highly recommend her services to anyone looking to improve the handling or relationship with their beloved dog."

Eliza & Teddy


"I just had the most awesome training session with my mastiff, Simba, today with Makayla. He just lost his bonded brother a few weeks ago and I wanted to see how he would react to other dogs and he did great! Makayla worked with us to so he would relax and we tested him with her awesome dog and Simba did great. She gave me things to try to help him overcome his fear of men and I will be trying them out. She is probably the best trainer I have ever had the pleasure of using. I can't recommend her enough."

Bev & Simba


"We had Makayla here this afternoon to work mainly with one pup, but she wound up working with both. She is truly amazing and has quite an understanding of dogs. We’re only in the very beginning of implementing her suggestions, and there is already a noticeable difference. I would not hesitate to recommend her!! 100%"

Amy & Grady


"We had Makayla over for our first dog/master training, what a great experience. Makayla is very professional and really knows her stuff, we had results immediately.

I would recommend Makayla very highly she was awesome.

Definitely 10 out of 10!"

Douglas & Willie


"Makayla is very knowledgeable and also very friendly! She worked with us and our lab on some behavioral issues and in just one session we saw a change. We highly recommend makayla !!"

Joe & Duncan


"She was great! What seemed so simple, we didn’t know. We all learned a lot in a short amount of time! I highly recommend Makayla, she is very knowledgeable, professional and has a passion for it!"

Michele & Nike


"Makayla was amazing during our training session last week! There was so much to learn and she broke it all down into simple steps. Even after just one session, I can see the difference in how I communicate with my dog and understand her behaviour better. I look forward to seeing her again for future dog training endeavors! Her knowledge has been a game changer for my dog and I!"

Leah & Lilo


"Makayla was awesome to work with and helped out so much. For the first real training my pup got I was super impressed. In one session she learned a ton and retained it! Can’t wait for the next training! Highly recommend!"

Adam & Bella


"Makayla is wonderful. Even though my Golden’s jumping is not aggressive, and is out of love and excitement to see people, it’s not a good trait to have and can lead to someone getting injured. My pup has attended group classes, private sessions, sessions without me with just the trainer, and nothing has worked. That is until Makayla. Her ideas were unique to anything I’ve been taught in the past. She answered every question we had, even if it was off topic. We’ve been able to apply what she taught us to other aspects of training and it’s been working great. Highly recommend."

Deb & Angel


"Makayla is amazing! She did a great job of assessing the issues we were having with our dog and knew exactly what we need to do to help him. She took the time to explain everything clearly, answer our questions and make sure we understood everything before she left. She pointed out things that make perfect sense, yet we never thought of them until she talked us through it. We have complete confidence in her methods and look forward to working with her more in the future. Thank you Makayla!"

Erin & Langston


"Makayla was awesome with our dog Peter! We came to her for advice on reactivity for our nervous dog, but she was so awesome that Peter wasn't even nervous around her. Peter loved his session, and she gave great advice! Highly recommend!"

Taylor & Peter


"I have had multiple dogs for more than 20 years, but there are always new challenges to address. The two I have now got overexcited when we had visitors to the house, not something any of my other dogs experienced and I wanted some expertise to help me manage their emotions.

Makayla was able to come to the house and give me some training tools, that built on their previous training, so that I feel much better equipped on managing visitors to our home moving forward. My confidence also improves theirs-win win!"

Makayla was responsive to my inquiry, arrived right on time and within an hour she was walking around the house and they were both laying down on their own as if they knew her forever. Really appreciate her clear directions and calm demeanor. Thanks so much!

Pam, Grady & Rowan


"Makayla helped our puppy Winston with training issues we were facing. She also stays in contact after meeting with you if you have any questions or concerns. Very attentive and helpful!"

Olivia & Winston


"Makayla was very helpful in helping our dog Moose who is overly obsessive with his mom. We are so excited to see the changes and continue the training she has taught us. She has also communicated with us after training and assisted with any issues we have been facing. Would highly recommend."

Jackie & Moose


"We have had one session with Makayla and can already see a difference in our two dogs! We

struggle with reactivity with one and basic obedience with the other. She is patient and kind and knows her stuff. Excited to keep progressing under her guidance!"

Elana & Guthrie


"Did our first session with my 4 year old Bernese (aka Bull in a china shop) to get her to have better manners getting out of the car. Within minutes, we had a girl that waits until her turn."

Amy & Nora

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