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We provide a variety of services tailored specifically to your pups needs!
One on one sessions can be booked either inside or outside of the home.

Dog Training Services: Services


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Behavioral Training

Is your sweet pup displaying some concerning behaviors?

I am experienced with a variety of breeds, and a variety of behavioral issues. Whether it may be, resource guarding, fearful reactivity, intense barking, growling, extreme fear, and more. I am passionate about helping pups conquer their strong emotions and creating a stress-free life for both them, and you.


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Obedience Training

Obedience training is the foundation to all dog behavior, it's best to start at a young age, but no worries if you just adopted an older pup, I'm extremely experienced working with dogs of all ages and attitudes!

I offer many versions of obedience training - specifically tailored to your dogs needs.

 Send me a message and let me know what I can help you and your fur family with! 

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