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Partnered With Silver Trails Inn, Westbrook, CT

Board & Train Services: Services


Board & Train programs are offered for owners in need of additional training assistance during the week - Drop your pup off for a couple weeks of consistent training using positive reinforcement & interactive methods! A mid-program one-on-one refresher is available at NO additional cost to you, as well as one-on-one session with Makayla at the end of your pup’s program.

Attendance at the end-of-program session is highly recommended to learn how to continue with your pup’s training and ensure long-term success! 

Prices vary depending on your pup's behavioral issues, your training goals, and the length of time they will be staying at Silver Trails Inn for training. Please set up a consultation with Makayla for a price specific to your pup!


Going on vacation and looking to have your pup stay at Silver Trails Inn? You do not have to sign up for a board & train program for your pup to receive some one-on-one training time with Makayla, You can absolutely opt for one or two days of basic refresher training sessions during your pup's stay! Whether It may be leash walking, impulse control, or basic commands - This mental stimulation is so important for your pups and will keep their training crisp and on point!

Training sessions can be booked during your pup’s stay for one day, or everyday! Please reach out to Makayla directly to confirm availability during your vacation dates. 

*Please Note* Refresher training sessions are not going to make a night/day difference in your pups behaviors. This service is offered to keep up with already implemented training at home. It is a great way to offer some mental stimulation for your pup while you’re away! This service is highly recommended for high energy / high drive pups.


Drop your pup off in the morning at Silver Trails Inn, and pick them up in the afternoon during business hours. 

Daytime-only board and train programs are available for current MWatts Dog Training clients Monday-Friday. Drop your pup off for some fun at the Inn, and pick them up with better behavior! Your pup will work on obedience training, leash walking, basic commands, impulse control & more. Individual day training sessions are refresher sessions for pups who are already working on specific behaviors at home. For new clients we highly recommend the 10 and 15 day programs.

Individual day training is a great way to keep up with skills that have already been introduced. Remember: consistency is key. It is important for YOU to learn how to continue with your pups training at home! One-on-one training instruction sessions with Makayla are available, contact her directly to schedule!

Day training is not currently available for reactivity/aggression concerns. Please contact Makayla to schedule a one-on-one training session if your pup is displaying concerning behavior.

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