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I love what I do, and this is why.

After another great day of dog training I had to take a step back and be thankful for this little guy right here. Well, both of them actually.

The lab on the left is my boy Motley. When I was first introduced to dog training, it started in the working dog world. Police K9s, narcotics dogs, bite dogs, search and rescue; human remains detection and live search dogs.. this is where my passion for training began. This brought me my boy Motley, whom I trained for human remains detection at an early age.

But the boy on the right, Buddy, is what changed my entire perspective on dog training. He is what made me fall in love with it.

Buddy was a good boy. He was my first foster and he was with me for a while. He was goofy and weird and happy and I loved him so very much. But Buddy was aggressive. Nobody could touch Buddy or even go near him. He would bite without warning and he was serious about it.

Buddy was adopted, returned, adopted, returned, adopted, returned, and finally adopted again.

I worked with this dog everyday, I taught him how to love people and that they aren’t so scary, Buddy finally found his forever home but it took a lot of hard work.

I started dog training because of Buddy, he was returned by no fault of his own, just simply because his humans didn’t know how to work with him, and felt that rehoming him was the best option.

I am a dog trainer because I am passionate about keeping dogs in their homes. Im passionate about changing the lives of owners who feel as though they’re at a loss, and may not be able to handle their dog. I’m passionate about helping owners understand what their dogs are communicating to them and what they want to communicate to their dogs. I’m passionate about keeping fur families together.

I love every second of what I do, and this is why.

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