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Hi! My name is Makayla. I’m an experienced Dog Trainer specializing in Aggression & Obedience - I am located in central Connecticut and my goal is to create a happier life for both canines and their owners.

My passion and love for Dog training began in 2016 at the age of 17. Starting with Police K9 & Search and Rescue Training.

After spending a few years in the working dog world, I was inspired to become a handler of my own dog. This is when my Black Labrador Retriever, Motley, came into my life. He was imprinted & trained for Human Remains Detection starting at 12 weeks old.

I began working full time as an Aggression & Obedience dog trainer, working with all dog breeds that would come my way, broadening my knowledge in the dog training world and helping many dogs and their owners daily.

A New-England rescue then reached out to me and asked if they could hire me to take in their “problem children” - I then began taking dogs into my own home with behavior problems, such as aggression, separation anxiety, resource guarding, or any behavior that prevented them from finding a home, I would work with them daily, and eventually find them their forever families. This was the most rewarding experience I ever had in the dog training world.

I had to take a pause working with the rescue when my daughter Hadley Grace, was born in 2022.

My passion and love for helping owners and their dogs better understand one another grows with every dog I meet. I am here to help you and your fur family live happier and stress-free lives. 🖤🐾

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