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Impulse Control

Impulse Control, let’s talk about it.

(In this video from a few years ago, I was teaching my Chocolate Lab, Moose, impulse control. It started simply by making him wait his turn during a game of Fetch.)


You’re in your kitchen reaching for a bottle of Advil. The bottle drops and pills fall all over your kitchen floor. Your dogs rush into the kitchen because well… you’re in the kitchen and something fell. Usually when this happens it’s something delicious so they try to slurp of every pill they can find thinking it’s a tasty treat. Now you’re headed to an emergency vet because your pup just inhaled an entire bottle of Advil.

Let’s rewind, you’re reaching for a bottle of Advil and the bottle drops and spills all over the floor. Your dogs come rushing in and before they can get to the medicine all over the floor you shout “wait”. Your dogs immediately freeze in their tracks and lie down, while you pick up the spilled medicine. You then use your release word and they come running over to you for a (safe) treat.

Teaching your pups impulse control can save their lives. Whether they’re running for a busy road, spilled medicine, or any dangerous situation.

How can you teach your dogs impulse control? It’s simple. Play with them!

Let's book a session and work on this together!

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